People for Peace :: an open mic vigil

we gather, because there are people rallying for hate, acting in violence, speaking out with ignorance.

we gather, because we must co-author an alternative narrative for our community, our society, our humanity.

we gather, because to remain unmoved, silent, disconnected, is to surrender to everything that threatens our thriving.

we gather, because anything less is a hypocrisy of love.

peace vigil 12-4-2015

In light of recent events in our own country and around the world, we gather in peace, to speak truth, guided by love, and working toward justice for all people—especially those who are targeted and harmed because of race and/or beliefs.

Join us for a community gathering of those seeking refuge & emotional support during this tumultuous time. Anyone is welcome to share poems, songs, stories, reflections, and spoken-word.

FREE & open to the public of all ages.